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The Bulletin Board for Oral Pathology was started in September 1994 and the number of its subscribers has grown steadily since then. As of June 2015 there were over 700 subscribers from 36 countries around the world.

The objective was for BBOP to be:

"A forum for the interchange of ideas, discussion of topics and announcements concerning Oral Pathology service, research and teaching"


At the present time, anyone with an interest in Oral Pathology may subscribe to the BBOPLIST. There is no charge. Subscription is easily accomplished by sending an E mail message to


Your message should simply be

SUBSCRIBE BBOPLIST Your first name Your last name

so Rudolf Virchow would have sent


You should have your application acknowledged within 24 hours and you will be asked to confirm your interest in being a subscriber. When you confirm your interest, you will be enrolled to the official list of subscribers. This will allow you to receive all messages posted to the BBOPLIST and also to post messages of your own. All subscribers have the right to access the archives of the list and details of how this may be done will be sent to you at the time of your enrollment. (SEE BELOW, BBOP Archives)


Activity on the BBOP frequently concerns challenging histological and clinical cases and it is hoped that the introduction of the BBOP Web Site (BBOPWS) will permit appropriate images (histologic, radiographic and clinical) to be posted on the site. These images could enhance the interchange of comments about cases. If you do not have access to a scanner we would be pleased to digitize your images. In such cases, we would need to have color slides or photographs sent through regular mail to either of the managers of the BBOPLIST (see below). Unfortunately, we are not able to prepare histologic images from microscopic slides.

Anyone wishing to post an image to the BBOPWS should send the digitized image(s) in JPEG (.JPG) or GIF format through E mail to


Color slides and photographs to be digitized should be sent to Alfredo Aguirre, Squire Hall, 3435 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14214, U.S.A. 


All messages posted to BBOP have been archived since its inception. They are accessible to all subscribers by sending an E mail message requesting a particular log. The BBOPWS will permit a much more convenient way to access the logs. Say, for example that you remember reading about a particular topic which was the subject of discussion on BBOP but you are unable to remember precisely when the discussion appeared. You will be able to access the logs through the links on the Web Site and then enter the "search" mode to link immediately to the relevant section of the archives.

Access the archives


One very useful feature of a Web Site is the ability to provide a browser with easily used LINKS to sites devoted to the same or related topics. Anyone with the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a Web Site which is believed to be of likely interest to a BBOP subscriber is asked to send the address to us so that we might consider its suitability for the BBOPWS.

Some recent submissions follow:

This page last updated May 11, 2009